High School Memory

I was struggling with a bit of writers block this morning, therefore I decided to write about my high school memory of preparing to graduate from High School. High School was a trivial time in life for me. It was the teenage years of my life that my mother was not able to be a part of being that she passed away when I was 13. So my father took on the responsibility of raising me to be the best woman I could be. My father remarried a few years before I started High School, and being that we were a military family I would be enduring my teenage years of High School overseas in Germany. I was not at all excited about being overseas let alone being is High School overseas.

The life in Germany was virtually normal to that in the states on the base. I met new friends from various walks of life whom were also military families. All of our teachers spoke English and were American so I was a bit in awe. (I had never been to Germany let alone a military school, so I had not idea what to expect). Some things changed like having to actually take a foreign language in HS. I was like what the hell? I can laugh about it now. I decided to study French since all of the German classes were full. Shocker right, here I am in a foreign country and I can’t study the native language. That’s some bullshit. I took it with a grain of salt and made the best of it. Much to my surprise my French class came in handy when I went on a trip to France with classmates. Viola, here I am in France using my studies to see what I have learned. One thing I did notice is even in France if the spoke English they were still going to test you ability to speak French or as it should be written Est-ce que tu parles francais?

The trip to France was awesome until our passports were stolen and we spent the day sitting at the embassy trying to get new ones to get home. Wow what a trip lol. Other than that it was amazing. Staying on topic because I do not want this to be long. I remember it was a few days before graduation and we were packing to move back to the States, that my father said “Are you ready for the real world”? I was like you mean college? LOL…… My father was serious he stood his ground and stated you are grown now and you will not need this anymore as he proceeded to break my dinner plate. At that moment I realized that I would only be able to come home to visit, never to live again lol. I was about to venture out into something I was not so sure about…how would I do, would I grow into a fine adult, would I struggle along the way? All those thoughts passed through my mind. The day came of graduation and I was nervous of what the future held but all those thoughts took a pause for a moment as I watched my father cry as I walked across that stage to get my diploma. His tears were not of sadness but of joy that he had seen me through this far, never breaking his promise to my mother that he would take care of me. Once the ceremony was over and we all took pictures with my friends, just to hear my father say he was proud of me made all the difference in the world.

We never know what the future holds after graduation in our young adult years and yes, you struggle in life, get things wrong, make mistakes and fall on your face. Yet, its all okay because that’s life and it’s not always about how you fall, but all in how you get back up!!!


What is Love

What is the definition of love? Where does it originate from? Does it truly form like a raisin in the Sun?

By the dictionary love is an intense feeling of deep affection; a person or thing that one loves; feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).

When did the thought of love and wanting someone to be truly happy no matter what become such a lost art.  How did love become a word we throw around when you partly like a person; yet you are unaware of what it truly means to give or receive love?  Why tell a person that you love them just to say it back so that they are not upset with you?

The part that truly boggles the mind is the love or actual strong contentment that you can feel for a person that you truly cannot have.  Whether they don’t feel the same about you as you do about them, or they are in a relationship and totally unavailable to you……………..WHAT THEN????

LOVE is a standard that should be utilized by all Kings & Queens. I cannot tell you how to love but can only provide an opinion. Kings are to nurture, cherish uplift, and love a Queen at all times. Being open to realizing that in order for you to properly love her as your Queen there just may be somethings about yourself you have to come to terms with.  Coming to terms with those difficult issues within self allows you to work on fixing those issues to be a better you for your Queen when she comes into your life.

We all suffer from the ” what is love syndrome”. We want love, we think we find love, only to realize we have yet again wasted our time with someone that was not who we thought they were.  The grass is not always greener on the other side.  A raisin is a part dried up grape and for most of us that is how love truly feels all old and dried up.  The thought of loving someone for true happiness does still exist.  It’s the process in how you go about getting it.  Never base love on sex, sex is a physical action and a transfer of energy between two people.  When the process of dating starts with sex it interferes with truly getting to know each other for who they are. Who cares if you can stimulate each others bodies. It means nothing if you cannot stimulate each others minds.

Kings if you are still stuck on self with the mindset of glorifying single life. Then stay single don’t attempt to date a woman or be in a relationship. Your mind is not there yet. If sneakiness and deception are in your mindset also do not date a Queen.  No Queen wants to be with a King that is not going to take the time to truly learn her heart, learn her eyes (for the eyes are the window to the Soul) and lastly learn her body.  She does not want a King that she has to babysit on a regular basis, because as previously stated you are so stuck on self an all the things you want.  A true relationship is a two way street but a true real King is willing to learn all the things that makes his woman who she is….he knows her CORE.

When one is truly ready to give and receive love; it’s in that moment of awakening that they realize her love, her heart and her smile is most important.   The decision to date or court a woman is not one to be taken lightly there are some things that you should ensure that you are not doing:

This goes for the late night calls from other women that know you are in a relationship but are still trying to get in where they fit in.  Kings please know that a female outside of someone that you choose to date is calling, texting or hitting you in your DM…. well she is doing so based off something that you have told her.  These are some of the main things that get you all in trouble, and also causes you to have an attitude if you Queen did it to you.  So if you can’t take the heat don’t take your ass in the kitchen. I won’t go on for days but I will say this one line that should not be crossed is telling other women about the issues in your relationship. Especially if you are using it as a mechanism to lure other women for your own sexual gratification.  You should never downplay or talk about your Queen to another. That’s a treacherous game to play.  You should ensure that you respect her, protect her, love her and please her.  You want to have a spiritual, mental and emotional connection with her. She is not to be treated as a temporary fix.

As for my Queens there is nothing at all wrong in wanting a King that can give you the world. Yet can he love you past your career choice, past the money you make or do not make, past where you live or the hobbies you have, past the clothes you wear. Can that King love you for who you are, for the CORE of you that makes you who you are?  If that King cannot handle that Queens please do not enter, or remain in a situationship based on sheer contentment. You will be miserable an he is not the one for you. Queens take pride in wanting to be treated a certain type of way. You can’t blame every man you meet for the hurts of what another did to you, each King is different.  Some in your eyes may not deserve to even be called King yet call them such.  Do not allow yourself to be removed from your throne. If he wants you it is his duty to ensure he knows how you tick and how to properly love you. Anything less than that is a boy trying to act like a MAN!!!!!


No one ever truly wants to talk about their struggles in life. Not knowing that very struggle is a testimony. A testimony that could change a persons life for the better simply by listening to what you have to say.  Folks these days never know what a person is going through because so many of us can mask our troubles.  As they say “We don’t look like what we are going through”.  I am proud to say that I am a product of a broken home due to the death of my mother.  I am the product of a failed marriage, depression, homelessness, domestic violence, stagnant career, personal & social relationships, stagnant education and attempts of suicide.

Some would say why are you proud of these things? I am proud because I believe, I trust that my God who sits in heaven has a plan for my life.  Even in the darkest of hours I trust. I know that better is on the way, the BEST is yet to come. All that I have had to endure and all that I am enduring was and is NECESSARY! It’s necessary because it betters me, it makes me who I am. Those who choose to walk around and belittle others like they have never been through anything will surely learn that they too could one day be in your shoes.  Showing love and compassion is easier than hatred and anger.  Never turn your back on someone truly in need, because one day it could be you. I pride myself in knowing that even when I did not have  or had very little I still found a way to bless someone. Not for me but because Christ asked me too. When we step out on faith he will bless you, no it’s not easy at all but it makes you feel and it’s pleasing to Christ.

The storms come and the storms go, but with each storm there is a lesson to be learned.  Many nights I have cried, not knowing where things were going to come from but he made a way out of no way.  All the trials and tribulations made me better, made me see the world in a different perspective. Who cares what the fakes, naysayers and nonbelievers think or feel about you. Only you can control how you feel about you.  As the song says: ” I am who I am today, because God used my mistakes, he worked them for my good, like no one else ever could.  It was NECESSARY”!!!  At the end of the day I thank the Lord for all the good and the bad in my life, I know its NECESSARY and my blessings are around the corner!!13450214_875004809310615_5569309106812088070_n


As I sit and ponder on the words that should flow, I remind myself to take a deep breath and just let it flow. I as I read a scripture from Mark I read it twice and I compared it to JOY! The scripture says: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

Really what does a person truly gain if the inherit the world but lose who they are?  As surely as I write this I can tell you that they gain nothing at all.  To me nothing is really worth losing your soul over.  The sad part is too many people think that they have it all together and consider selling their souls for non-relevant things. They allow the minor everyday things to get to them like social status, fame & fortune, drugs and money to control their lives.  Not once taking the time to step outside of themselves at look at a situation from another person’s perspective; which would show them that it’s truly not that bad at all.

When the almighty moves in the life of someone that is teetering on the brink of life at that moment conversations begin.  Teetering is when that person is unaware that their life is in the balance based on a choice that they need to make. The choice then becomes the basis of the conversation with the man upstairs.

A good friend of mine made a video about folks who constantly make the choice to focus and look back at what was going on in their lives versus focusing on what is.  When you sit around and look at the past, you allow the past to move you stuck in your current situtation.  Never allow the past to keep you stuck and stagnant in the same old negative no good choices and situations.  Staying in this negative past will only lead to your demise, now placing you into a place where you and the almighty are having the life and death conversation.  Last Calls on your life are no joking matter, folks literally get saved in those moments.  Those moments, those converstations with Jesus become heart felt and soul shattering.  The choice to move foward in the “What Is”, is just one making the choice to do and seek better in their life.  Move forward, look foward, seek what is in front you…..JOY.

There is nothing behind you worth looking or going back for. All that pain and turmoil brought nothing but tears and bad memories.  Allow the Lord to be the sharp two-edged sword in your life. He will split you soul and your spirit.  Your soul is like you Joy which he feeds you through the Holy Spirit and that makes moving forward that much easier.  Never allow the negativity of what anyone has to say determine how you feel. Pray for them that they too may make it to understand what it is that God’s tells you.  Your conversations with the almighty are between you and him.  No one person can ever interfere with that.


Are you making an impact

It’s 12:10 am and I’m sitting in the back seat as we drive back from Atlanta. Choosing to write my thoughts down of this trip and the lives that have come across my path. Talk about excitement and joy. I met some wonderful people. The total and absolut enjoyment came from the four lives that I was able to impact with just some kinds words and reaching out to pray with them over the phone. 

Christian love is more than just acting like you love the Lord. You have to be willing to serve others. When you serve others you find yourself doing it naturally because it’s just apart of your nature. I now have four more names that I am going to add to my prayer book. They all stem from different backgrounds and different walks of life. Yet, they each decided to allow me to making a spiritual impact on they’re lives. 

For me to be able to be used by the almighty to have words to share and lighten they’re spirits truly made me happy. It made me happy because so many church folks act like they have it all together and they don’t. They don’t have it together because they won’t get out and do the work of helping souls in need.  The helpless reach out to church folks for assistance with patching up the pain that their  spirits feel. It’s a pain that feels like the eternal black hole. 

The four individuals that Christ sent my way where not only acknowledged but their spirits were feed with the nourishment that they needed. They were also given additional food that they could have to eat later when they found themselves feeling even just the slightest bit down. All in all a wonderful trip for me and Thank you Jesus for using me. If you are not making a impact in someone’s life you are surely missing out. 

I Choose to Worship

This is going to be a very open and very transparent blog I have about myself. I am being very open, honest I have no fear at all about the words that are about to flow.  I just hope that it touches someone and shows them that they too can be changed.  There was a day that I decided to go to church as I normally do. Many of us are able to go to church and so called “worship”, but nothing really moves you at all.  Well this particular Sunday in December I went to church and it was during the alter call when I was passed over by the Pastor as he anointed everyone’s head with oil accept mine.  Of course my first thought was that I’m going to hell on a flying broomstick for something that I must have done in the past.  However, another Reverend  made him aware that he has skipped me, but he shook his head like “I know” and kept right on going until everyone had oil on them.  Then he finally comes back to me…. At this point my body becomes very unsettled because I have no idea what is about to happen.  Let me tell you that he placed his entire palm on my head and he started to pray. As he was praying something inside of me just melted away. He continued to pray and I felt that if I let go and stop trying to guide myself (which I was obviously was not going a good job) that God would take over.

While standing there in just those few moments so much changed for me. So many things flashed before my eyes that it seemed as if I had been standing there for hours.  God started to reveal things to me that I know I needed to adhere to.  He showed me that I am not in charge of my purpose, not in charge of my social life, my love life, for that matter I was not in charge of anything.  I have made many of choices in my life that caused me to be placed in certain situations that I never thought that I would be in.  I allowed what others thought of me to dictate how I should feel about myself.  In that moment God allowed me to know that the pastor and ministers at that church were there to help and guide me. God further let me know that he was going to send a man that he made just for me to also help and guide me. This would be my LAST CALL to get it right.  A portion of the scripture from Luke 12:48 was all I could hear it was soft like a whisper it says”For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required”.

I knew that God would see me through my Storm because the storm is only temporary and that I needed to heed to his word and his guidance.  I needed to submit all that I am and all that I have. In that moment my heart ached in pain and the tears began to fall.  I accepted Christ back into my life, knowing that yes I would be forgiven for my sins. Yes, he would bless me with much but I also know that much will be required of me as well.  I made the choice to leave some organizations that I was apart of, I made the choice to loose some so-called “friends” because deep down I knew that where I have to go and what he has for me I have to travel alone under a different set of guidance.  It’s not always easy to walk away when you feel like fighting, however God is the one in charge of the fight.  I just had to stand on faith and allow God to place me where he needed me to be.  I now know that his greatness, abundance and mercy are all things that I needed in my life.  No man, woman, boy or girl could ever give me that.

Moral of the story is in that moment of prayer over my life which is truly what the pastor was doing I made the choice to WORSHIP.  I broke down and cried out for the Lord to come in and set me free from the bondage that I felt inside.  I asked to be set free and if set free I would glorify his name and never look back, but allow those mistakes and bad situations to be learning experiences.

Peace & Blessings

~Lady MZ~




A Change is gonna come

It’s amazing that when we all take a personal moment to reflect on the things that occur in our lives.  We know that we must strive for something better; yet we shy away from it out of the thought of judgement from others.  We start to think that we will be judged and nine times out of ten you will be.  However, that should not be the driving force that keeps you from doing what makes you happy.

When you see something within yourself that you want to change…well change it. Change it for you and for the reasons that you want to change.  I decided to personally seek and strive to have a better spiritual journey because I stepped outside of myself and realized that I was not able to do it on my own.  Everything that I tried was just not working.  I was told that I am suppose to be an advocate. Just like I advocate for breast cancer awareness, supporting our troops, and etc.  Only to realize that I was being guided and told to also be an advocate for the Lord.  Being an advocate means to publicly support something.  Of course yes, I trust in his power and his will. Yet, how do you advocate to others that may not believe in something just as much as you do.

Well I watched a video shared by public figure Trent Sheldon and Tony Soto.  In those videos I realized that it’s not about what others think because you will always run into opposition. You will always run into haters and folks that try to put you down.  As long as your faith remains strong you can’t go wrong at all.  I wanted to start this blog and I have, I write even if no one ever reads them because I have faith that I’m going to reach someone.  That is what it’s all about. I do my video blogs on Facebook and share words of encouragement because as long as I am able to help one person and reach one person I am being that advocate that I am destined to be.

So to those reading know that as long as you allow others to keep you small minded and closed off, you will never attain those BIG dreams that you have for yourself.  Follow the vision that God gave you and you alone, continue to have faith and lastly allow him to give you that PEACE of MIND that you have been searching for.

~Lady MZ~



Words can’t hurt me

Daily MZ Blog thought of the Day: Continue to push and move forward those that attempt to distract you from your goals and dreams don’t realize that their words of negativity will never win. Their words will not win because you have the power of Jesus behind you. All that you are and all that you do is because of him and the plan that he has for you and your life. Let them continue to attempt to persecute you, as they continue they block their own blessings.

Have a blessed and wonderful day. Tis the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Do a good deed cause it’s the right thing to do. Bless another and ye too shall be blessed!!
~Lady MZ~

Everything that glitters is not Gold

Daily MZ Blog thought of the Day: We often have strong feelings for others because we are human and we have feelings. However, there are times when the lack of not knowing or not saying how you feel about a person can be heartbreaking. Strive to tell others that you love them and how you feel about them; because they or you may not be here tomorrow. So why put off until tomorrow what you can do today. You only live once so seize the moment.

If you are one of those that is fortunate enough to have someone already in your life, put your love and focus into them. As grandma says b/c what you won’t do someone else will. The very person that you take for granted may choose to pop smoke, and when they do, you have no one to blame but yourself. All because you allowed that thing that glittered to distract you and cause you to loose it all.

Have a blessed day & Happy Holidays!!! Love one another & I love you all!!!
~Lady MZ~12346509_1046553875379540_99567163635871706_n

Life Changing

Daily MZ blog thought of the day: I had to share this video that I saw this morning. I declare that I was just thinking this in the car on the way to work. We all endure trials and tribulations, but before you judge a person or talk about a person. Remember that you have no idea what they are going through in their life. You have to remember that they are also someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, etc. Treat people the way that you want to be treated.

Some folks may never look like what they are going through, because they choose to put on a smile and push forward. Just like the lady she speaks of in this video felt bad for what she did, you can as well. The treatment that you give to others, will come back to you in the form of KARMA.It’s real and life is hard enough as public figure TC says “Stay in your own lane, drive you own speed limit and it won’t be no traffic”.

Live your own life and let folks live theirs. I assure you that you never want to be the lady she speaks of in this video. You can not continue to treat others badly and think that God is okay with your actions. He is not, and he will deal with you accordingly.

Just my thoughts, have a blessed and wonderful day, bless someone else, give someone a smile, do a good deed because you can and it’s the right thing to do. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

~Lady MZ~Walmart Changed My Life

Who wants to be Liked

I had to share these words below that a woman shared on her Facebook page. These words are “Real” and “Unedited”. I totally agree with what she has said, there are those days when you can identify with what a person feels and says. We all get to a breaking point where you can no longer tolerate crap. You have to push forward and persevere for yourself.

I felt like this when I joined the military many moons ago.  I joined to serve my country no to make or keep friends.  I set a legacy for my life for my child and for that opportunity I am grateful.  What never ceases to amaze me if the power of the tongue.  The lengths that someone will go to just to hate or make another individual feel like they are less of a person.  We all have to leave this earth at some point and we fail to realize that we will be held accountable for our actions.  What good is it for you gain the world and lose your soul all over how you treated another person.

The treatment of others by our own actions will play a part at judgement day.  I had a friend that choose to end her life all over the treatment or bullying as I would say from others.  I personally feel that if you have done something so bad to a person that causes them to leave this world you and only you are to blame.  It may be a mental battle for them, but you had the choice to leave the person along to their own vices.  Not to make it worse, that’s why so many folks say that you never know a person’s struggle. We are all living and traveling on a different journey.

There are those out there that may not be as strong as others, which is going to happen.  However, when you have someone with a strong purpose, a strong motivation, a strong desire that my friends becomes motivation and inspiration for others.  I try to use my words the same so that someone out there will know that their life too has purpose.  Those that attempt to bring someone else down or feed on the weak are the biggest cowards themselves.  Putting down or picking on another person should never give you Power.  That Power belongs to the almighty and him alone.

I’m not living my life to be ‘liked.’ I could careless about fitting in. As long as I’m living my purpose, I’m willing to be hated on, misunderstood, and criticized. After all, that’s just a price you pay when you share your gift. When your life speaks greatness, this world will do anything to silence that voice. That’s why my SELF-WORTH isn’t based upon what you think. I won’t allow my happiness to be dependent upon pleasing opinions. I’ll never live for your validation, and your opinions on how I live hold no value to my life. God knows my heart, not you. So, you can either love me or hate me, but regardless of what you decide, I promise you this… I’ll never stop being who God created me to be…. ~ E Prez Lur~

In closing I must thank this strong black woman for having the courage to say what was on her heart. Saying those words sparked a flame in me to write this that I personally have felt, but never put to paper.  Thank you and shout out to E Prez Lur from Richmond, Va!!!

The Wiz

Daily MZ blog thought of the day: Today I’m addressing the racial comments about the Wiz musical that came on TV last night. This is coming from someone (ME) that has a show choir musical background. I just had to shake my head in disbelief at the notion that people are making this out to be racial.
As I say in the video stop making things about race…the musical Wicked is also a predominately all white cast and it’s on Broadway as well (this musical is based of the Wizard of OZ). No one pitched a stink about that. The Wiz was a remake from the original (which was an all black cast) that was done in 1978 with Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Diana Ross, Lena Horne and Ted Ross. Stephanie Mills sang “Home” in the original as well.

The Wiz is about the creativity that goes into creating a musical. It was done Live last night if they had made any mistakes it would have been seen, it was not prerecorded, but performed live to show the talent for the love of the art that is music! Let’s live and let live and stop complaining and making all things out to be about race, gender, a sexual preference.

Let’s just learn to appreciate the hard work and effort that went into making musical, and stop making things about race.
~Lady MZ~

P. S. Check the video out on my facebook page as well!! http://www.facebook.com/ladymz


Today I watched a video on Facebook posted by public figure and motivational speaker Trent Shelton.  His video was talking about relationships and change.  I agree that while dating in the beginning its all fresh and new, but once you become comfortable with that person and start to see their true colors. Well…..That’s when trouble starts.  You want to change that person not realizing that you cannot change a person and they cannot change you.  You have to understand that if they don’t love you for who you are then they are truly not the one for you. Anyone that does not accept and love you for who are truly are in not for you.  Trent said it best “Life is too short to die miserable”.  Live your live you only get one, have fun…..Live, Love & Laugh!!

As people we have to be willing to wait for the right one to find us and not settle for what seems to be the best.  As they say “everything that glitters is not gold”.  Food for thought let not your heart be troubled and don’t let your heart get you into a situation that your mind is telling you to leave.

~Lady MZ~

Daily thought 3 Dec 15

Daily MZ blog thought of the Day: He said it and sometimes it has to be like that. Get with them or get the hell gone. It’s too much violence and negativity in the world to be surrounded by negative individuals.

Have a blessed day
~Lady MZ~

Lonnie Bee

6 hrs ·

Don’t let nobody make you feel bad about achieving or providing better for yourself Good Good Girlfriends if they can’t get with you and be happy for you, Tell them to get the fuck away from you! Gooood Morningggggg Bitchhhhhhh !!!!!!! 😁 love y’all